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Ivory Tower

Tonight I have cried tears over you.

I’m losing you I can feel it. It wasn’t like that between us, we were friends and now……. Well, now I don’t know.

I will always remember you and I’m sorry for whatever it was I did to push you away. It’s what I do, I don’t even realise I’ve done it until it’s too late.

I knew I shouldn’t have come out of my ivory tower again. I don’t even know why I have this piece of shit. It never protects my heart from the damage I cause myself.

tineepeenis1 asked:

Yeah I've got a thing for chewing nipples and your perfect tits need biting like fuck! Do you think you could post me a picture of your pussy with your vibrator half way in? I will wank my cock so fucking hard...

I already have pictures of that on here and a link to a video of me using the vibe on myself. There’s also audios of me somewhere on the ‘me’ section of my blog

Soft cocks and loose balls

So, we all know I went through a phase of loving on soft cocks. I still do.

I’ve discovered I also have a ‘thing’ for balls, they are just fascinating. I’m lucky in the fact I personally know the owner of the most perfect balls ever and if I ever get my hands on him, his balls are mine.

What part of the body to you find an incredible turn on?

If you inbox me please make it known if you want the post keeping private or not.

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